The Center for Career Changers is no longer an organization.  It has been an honor to work with all the career changers, and I will leave this information here for another year while it is still current.  

Welcome to the Center for Career Changers to the Classroom, an organization for career changers interested in teaching!  The Center works with corporations and individuals to assist prospective career changers as they make the decision to teach and choose the most appropriate teacher education program.

 To view programs in different states, go to the Teaching Certification Programs page and find your state.

The Center is working with the National Association of Alternative Certification (NAAC) to add states and programs for prospective career changers looking to teach.

Not sure about teaching as an encore career? Watch a video of career changers talking about their experiences in “Making the Decision” under the Learn More tab.

The Need

  • American school systems anticipate 1.5 million vacancies over the next decade. 
  • Critical shortage areas of MD teachers exist in chemistry, computer science, earth/space science, foreign languages, mathematics, physical science, physics, and technology education – all of which have been critical shortage areas for at least five years.

The Services

  • Prospective career changers have the opportunity to work with a mentor teacher in the public school classrooms while making the decision to teach as an encore career.
  • Prospective career changers receive advice and support while deciding on the most appropriate certification program, progressing through the program, and searching for a teaching position.
  • Corporations, public school systems, and community colleges collaborate with the Center to place interested employees in schools and classrooms to determine whether teaching is a viable encore career upon retirement.

The Benefits

  • Prospective career changers will have time in the schools as an aid to making an informed decision about teaching as an encore career.
    • Upon making the decision to teach, prospective career changers will receive support and counseling as they pursue teaching certification and seek employment.
  • Corporations will obtain flexibility in transition options, particularly for employees nearing retirement.
    • Corporations will have an opportunity to shape the future work force while maintaining high visibility and reinforcing a commitment to the community.
  • Public schools will have corporate volunteers in their classrooms.
    • Principals have the opportunity to view prospective career changers in the school environment to make informed decisions about future hiring.

The Center for Career Changers to the Classroom thanks IBM for its generous support. 

Logo by HCC student Morgan Hilber