Corporate Opportunities

Every year, thousands of workers possessing the in-depth knowledge and skill sets that match areas of need in the schools become available as a result of downsizing or retirement at major U.S. corporations.

The Center will provide the following:

  • for the downsized employee, customized outplacement services with counseling and support for those looking to make a transition into the classroom,
  • for the retiring employee, customized retirement planning to pursue an encore career in education,
  • for all clients
    • receptive host site – supportive principal / supportive staff
    • teacher mentoring support
    • flexible schedule
    • convenient location
    • subject matter match
  • for prospective career changers, an opportunity to experience various roles
    • classroom teacher
    • teacher assistant
    • content specialist / resource teacher
    • student mentor
    • talent scout

The Center asks the corporations to provide the following:

  • time for employees to observe and work with a mentor teacher in the classroom for five to seven days during an academic year to make informed decisions about teaching;
  • support and encouragement for the employees making the transition.

Major corporations will experience the following benefits:

  • opportunities to shape the future work force,
  • high visibility in the community,
  • reinforcement of corporate commitment to the community,
  • flexibility in transition options for employees,
  • career placement opportunities,
  • positive relationship with the schools,
  • communication of positive and accurate information about the corporation.