The Center’s mission is to connect able and committed professionals to both the appropriate education and the school experiences that will assist them as they make the transition to successful careers in teaching.

The intention of the Center is not to take able employees from corporations but to assist them in making an informed decision about teaching when they are ready to transition.  Research indicates that baby boomers are considering teaching as an encore career; they need information about schools and teaching prior to making that decision.


The Center for Career Changers to the Classroom will serve as a clearinghouse of information, counseling, and support for individuals interested in making the transition from previous careers to teaching.  Both schools and corporations will be served as career changers will enter the schools informed of the culture of the schools and understand how they can make a valuable contribution to the education of our youth.


The values create the culture of the organization and indicate how we operate.

  • Achieve excellence
  • Enrich through experience
  • Synthesize learning and experience
  • Maximize opportunity through collaboration 
  • Promote reciprocal communication
  • Reinvest professional experience


The Center will provide access to information about certification and programs to prospective career changers and companies/employers as follows:

  • maintain a user-friendly website for prospective career changers in industry;
  • maintain an up-to-date database of MD pathways to certification – specific programs at different institutions of higher education as well as other providers in the state;
  • disseminate organizational pamphlets as well as pamphlets with information about the various pathways to certification;
  • hold career changer fairs at the state level.

The Center will collaborate with corporations and school administrators as follows:

  • identify corporations interested in providing opportunities for career changers to  in the schools and supporting their transition into careers in teaching; 
  • target individuals nearing retirement, particularly those in the critical shortage teaching areas like mathematics and the sciences;
  • provide information about teaching and inform corporate employees about opportunities to work with mentor teachers in critical shortage areas in schools.

The Center will collaborate with community colleges to do the following:

  • counsel and support the volunteers/prospective career changers as they make decisions concerning their certification pathway and transition into the classroom;
  • provide customized retirement planning that presents the opportunity to pursue a teaching career;
  • provide opportunities to complete field placements in schools and talk to successful career changers;
  • provide opportunities to participate in workshops on teaching ;
  • counsel and advise career changers as to their strengths and how they can use their present strengths/skills in teaching.